A weekend i will never forget

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A weekend i will never forget

I am a 34 year old caucasion male working as a IT manager for a company with branches nationwide. This means that I must travel nationwide on a regularly as I am based in Port Elizabeth. About 6 months ago I was surfing on the internet when I came upon a sexy dating site for adults

Well I decided to give it a try and signed up not thinking that anything will come of it.  After about a month there was a woman from Cape Town who replied to my add and I also replied. We started to send each other e mails and photos to each other(no naked photos yet). Her name was Lee , she was 42 years old with shoulder length blond hair and from what I could see on the photos she was very sexy and sophisticated. According to her profile she was divorced and looking for NSA fun.  Then after we corresponded for about a month I got the good news at work that I must go to Cape Town for a week to sort out problems at our branch there.  I was leaving the next Monday and then I had to return on the Sunday which meant that I would be having a whole weekend in Cape Town as I was not working over the weekend.  I sent Lee an e mail and told her that I would be in Cape Town and hopefully we could meet. Lee was very glad to hear that I would be in Cape Town and we decided that we would meet each other at the airport that evening at a restaurant , have something to eat and see where it goes from there. I was exited but nervous too as it would be the for me to meet her in person.

Well, Monday came and I was of to Cape Town. I was thinking that this could all be a joke and wondered if Lee would really be there. But when I walked in at arrivals I was delighted to see that she was really there waiting for me. She was a beautiful with blue eyes , and about 36D breasts.  She looked more like a girl in her 20s. We immediately started to chat like we have known each other for a long time. After I picked up my hire car we went to a nearby restaurant were we had something to eat and just chatted to get to know each other better.  We decided to meet each other again on Wednesday evening as she also had a busy daily schedule during the week. We then kissed each other good bye and I headed for my apartment were I would be staying for the next week.

My apartment was a very nice place in Fish Hoek with a 4 star rating.  It had a living area and kitchen with a nice bathroom and a huge bedroom with a queen size bed, 2 nice chairs and a sliding door onto a balcony with a great ocean view. There was also a en suite bathroom with a shower and a huge bath. After settling in I checked my e mails and noticed that there was a email from Lee saying that she enjoyed my company for the while we were together and that she was looking forward to Wednesday. I replied that I was also looking very much forward to it. We kept in touch everyday.

Wednesday evening came and I picked Lee up at 7 o clock.  She was once again very smartly dressed in a skirt and a shirt revealing more than enough of her sexy body. We went to the Waterfront were we had something to eat and just chatted and held hands. We decided to skip Thursday evening real forced anal against her will due to our busy working schedules and to spend as much time together as possible from Friday evening till I left on Sunday. Later I took her home again were I walked her to the front door were we shared a kiss and a hug. I must say she had gorgois soft lips. We decided that she would come to my place on Friday after work.

When Friday came I managed to finish by 2o clock and went to my apartment were i took a shower and dressed for the evening. Just before 5o clock Lee phoned me and said that she was on her way. Lee arrived just after 5 and I met her at the front door.  She looked smoking hot dressed in a skirt that was just above her knees, black stockings , high heels and a shirt with the top 2 buttons unbuttoned. When I kissed her I could smell she was as fresh as a flower. She came in and I showed her my apartment which she liked very much ,  I could even see a sparkle in her eyes when I showed her the bedroom. We chatted for a while before leaving for a nearby restaurant were we had a nice meal and a drink and then headed back to my place.

When we got back to my apartment I poured us some drinks and we went to sit down on the sofa and started to chat while we sipped on a glass of red wine. I started to run my fingers through her hair and then we moved closer together and I gently put my arm around her shoulder , pulled her closer to me and gave her a kiss on her lips. After that we were like to magnets sticking to each other as we passionately started to kiss. I started running my hands all over her body. She then moved over and sat on my lap while we continued to kiss passionately. My cock was getting harder by the second and I started to unbutton her skirt and removed it to reveal her perfect pair of boobs in a lacy bra. She started to unbutton my shirt ,  removed it and whispered in my ear , "O Baby I know u want me and I want u just as much. "That was like throwing gasoline on an open fire. I gently removed her bra to expose her beautiful pair of boobs , they were not saggy at all and she had beautiful that were hard by now. I started to gently suck on her one nipple while caressing her other boob.  She was starting to moan softly and started to loosen my belt and opened the front of my pants relieving some of the tension on my cock that was rock hard by now. She then asked me to stop for a second , stood up and started to take her skirt of. She was standing in front of me only with a black lacy g string and black stockings on. I made use of this moment to quickly take of the rest of my clothes. I could hear Lee gasping when she saw me standing in front of her with my rock . We started kissing again and I turned her around and let her sit on the sofa again,  pulled of her g string and knelt between her legs. She had a beautiful pussy with short hair neatly trimmed into a v shape. I waisted no time and started licking her pussy out like a ice cream while I slowly started to insert a finger in her wet mould and started to finger fuck her while sucking her pussy. After just a minute or two her breathing became heavier and and she cried out , "O Baby please dont stop. "Soon after that her whole body started shivering and moaning as she burst into an orgasm and her love juices was flowing from her pussy over my chin. When she calmed down she said , "O baby lets swop places so I can suck your cock. "I waisted no time swapping places with her.

She started by gently caressing my throbbing cock and nuts before she started to lick my bag and slowly worked her way up my shaft and then put her mouth over my cock and gently started to suck on it while moving her soft lips up and down my shaft. She was really good at this and knew how to handle a cock gently. Soon I could feel that I was coming closer to a and I think Lee sensed this as she stopped , reached up to me and kissed me so I could taste my own pre cum. Then she whispered in my ear , "I think its time to go to the bedroom. She got up , grabbed her bag on the way and dissapeared into the bedroom. I quikly made sure that the doors were locked , switched of the lights and dimmed the bedroom lights for a romantic atmosphere.  Lee was already lying on the bed waiting for me. It looked as if she was lying in the moonlight.

I walked over to the bed with my cock standing like a pole in front of me and lied down next to her and we started kissing passionately again. I used my one hand to gently caress her pussy again until I found her wet mould and inserted my finger again, then I gently started to finger fuck her again while she stroked my rock hard cock with her soft hand. It did not take long before her breathing and moaning became heavier and she whispered to me, "O Baby I'm so ready for you , I need you inside me. "She reached over to the pedestal and took a packet of condoms out of her bag opened one and gently rolled it over my cock and then she climbed on top of me and gently guided my cock into her warm wet pussy. She gave a soft moan as I penetrated her. There was no problem with penetrating her as she was still well lubricated from her previous orgasm. She then leaned forward , kissed me again and whispered to me, " tell me if you want to cum so I can stop Baby. "Then she started to slowly ride me while I was caressing her breasts. She slowly picked up the pace and started to ride me faster. It felt like I was dreaming while this beautiful was riding my cock. She had a perfect rhythm as she never allowed my cock to slip out despite the long strokes she gave. I could hear her breathing and moaning became more intense and I could tell that she was close again until suddenly she threw her head backwards and moaned , "O Baby ,  I'm cumming again. Then her body started shivering again as she reached another breath taking orgasm , I could feel the wetness running from her and she continued to ride me till her orgasm faded. I felt the tesion building up in me but I did not want to cum yet and asked her to stop which she did just in time. She then lied down on me and kissed me again while my cock was still buried in her pussy. She said, "o Baby that was so awesome, I want some more of you. "

By now I was ready again and we both rolled over without me pulling my cock out. I started fucking her missionary style with slow strokes at first and gradually picked up the pace. She lifted her legs that was still in stockings and placed it over my shoulders allowing me to penetrate her deeper and shouted at me , "come on Baby and deep ,  make me cum again!"I needed no second invitation and started to fuck her for another minute or so, her breathing and moaning getting loader with every stroke, until I felt that I was getting close to cumming again and stopped. She then said, "take me from behind baby,  I want you to fuck me doggy style. "I pulled out my cock and she turned onto all fours. I knelt behind her and slowly guided my cock into her awaiting pussy again and made no movement for about another half a minute. Then I started slowly to fuck her again while caressing her tits with my hands Soon her breathing and moaning picked up again an she shouted at me again , "harder baby harder. "I obeyed her orders and fucked her hard again till her body shivered into another great orgasm. This time it lasted slightly longer and I fucked her till she calmed down again.  That is when I was getting real close to cumming and I said to her, "O Baby I'm almost there, I don't want to hold it this time. "Between the moaning and breathing she said, "I want to see you cumming,  shoot it over my tits. "Then she rocked forward pulling her pussy of my cock and rolled over onto her back.  I pulled of the condom and knelt over her. She took my cock into her one hand and gently started jerking me while softly caressing my nut bag with her other hand.

Her soft gentle touch was the final straw and I felt my cock exploding into an xnxxv sunny leone video orgasm. The first squirt went slightly over her tits and landed on her throte with the next three or for squirts covering her beatiful tits. the last bit just ran from my cock and landed just below her tits. She continued to milk me for a little while and then sat up and sucked my cock clean after which I turned around and collapsed onto my back. We both lied on our backs for a few minutes to get our breathes back and then she told me that she had a great time with me and that I really knew how to make a woman feel good.  I told her she was awesome and that the great time was far from over.
We just lied in each others arms for another few minutes and then went to the bathroom to clean up a bit and then returned to bed for more awesome sex.

We had two more amazing fucking sessions that night and the next day we went out and enjoyed each others company again before returning to my place at about 5 0 clock and then fucked again till the early hours of the morning.

We agreed not to fuck anybody else without a condom and on my next visit to Cape Town we had another great weekend, this time however we did not use condoms and fucking her bareback and cumming inside her was even more intense.

(I will write another true story of our other fucking sessions at a later stage)