The Antelope part 2 Coa Returns

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The Antelope part 2 Coa Returns

I’ve already explained how I became a member of the Manada of Antelope and how I got the name ’Coa’ (see ’Coa Goes Camping’). On this occasion, old waman xxxgx the antelope herd went to Totintla, a boy scout camp in central Mexico.

We arrived at the camp early, and Van-tha asked me to help set up the tents. This time she had brought enough tents for everyone, and I wouldn’t have to share mine with any of the girls. Well, you can’t win them all.

Camp set up, Van-tha and I organized a few games, and then she announced she had to prepare lunch. The rest of us walked about 100 yards to a secluded, shady area where we would practice first aid. Top priority was broken bones, and we practiced splinting Pran-Am’s (the owl’s) leg and Otami’s (the bear’s) ankle. Pisca (the fish) then asked what to do if someone drowned, and when I told her you had to give artificial respiration, she requested a demonstration. As soon as I began to demonstrate, all the other Antelope wanted to practice, and we spent the next fifteen minutes or so practicing this vital operation. Actually, it was more a free-for-all kissing game, nothing serious, but it was a lot of fun being the center of attention of a dozen girls.

Getting back to more serious matters, we discussed hemorrhages. Obviously this was an area of genuine need, so we practiced. Bas-Be (the bee) had her head wrapped, while Ikki (the porcupine) ’suffered’ from a deep cut on the forearm. Then Tela (the spider) said gravely, ’I really am hemorrhaging.’ 

We all looked at her. ’What’s the matter, Sweetie?’ I asked. 

She lifted her uniform skirt and pulled down the shorts she was wearing beneath the skirt, revealing a pair of white cotton panties. One glance at the red stain in her crotch told me everything I needed to know. ’Tela, this isn’t anything to worry about’you’re just having your period.’

’I know that, but I didn’t pack any sanitary napkins,’ she responded. ’What can I do, in the middle of nowhere?’

’¿Antelope, do any of you have a suggestion?’ I asked. 

’We could stop the bleeding by putting some regular napkins inside her underpants,’ suggested Ram (the raccoon). ’I’ll go get some.’ Off she ran, her long, slender legs carrying her swiftly to where Van-tha was preparing lunch. Two minutes later she returned with a big bunch of napkins. 

’I feel very weak,’ moaned Tela. ’Do you think you could put them in place?’

It was an obvious subterfuge, but I didn’t object. I pointed to another spot about 50 /feet/">feet away. ’Antelope, ¿why don’t you go over there and practice your bandages? I’m sure Tela will be all right soon.’

I pulled Tela’s shorts the rest of the way off, and I removed her panties. Taking one of the napkins, I wiped her pussy clean. Then I massaged it gently, and when she began to moisten, I lay down beside her. As we made out, I inserted a finger between the lips of her pussy. Her clitoris became stiff, and I concentrated my efforts there. I rubbed more vigorously, and her pelvis began to move involuntarily. Soon she climaxed, letting out a loud sigh, but only one pair of eyes was watching, those of Ram.

’It’s my turn, Tela,’ I said, unbuckling my belt and unzipping my shorts. 

’Sure,’ she said. ’What should I do?’

I encouraged the girl to explore my cock’to look at it, to touch it, to stroke it. She licked my balls and used her tongue to follow the course of the veins along the shaft. She took the head in her mouth, and I suggested she play with it with her tongue. I helped her jerk me off, and I sent half-dozen large spurts of /semen/">semen into her mouth. Grimacing, she asked, ’What is this?’ 

I explained that I had cum and told her to spit it out. She spit it on the ground and declared, ’It tastes terrible.’ I let her clean me up with a napkin, and then I neatly folded a couple of napkins to put inside her panties. We both got dressed, but before we walked over to the rest of the group, she took my hand and said, ’That was really cool. I liked it a lot. I liked how it felt when you came in my mouth, even though I don’t like the taste at all.’

Joining the rest of the herd, we completed our discussion about first aid. I told them that I would be reviewing their written reports when they applied for their first-aid specialty patches, and I suggested that the incident involving Tela’s period need not be included in their reports. In fact, it wasn’t really an emergency, so they shouldn’t even mention it to Van-tha. We went to eat lunch. 

Following lunch we all took a short hike and climbed a steep path to an overlook to some large rocks known as ’El Dado’ (the die). We enjoyed a great view of the camp, and watched some older scouts rappel down the side of the rock. Then we climbed an even steeper path and entered a shallow cave known as ’Cueva de los Pajaros’ (Bird Cave). I let Otami take the lead, and as luck would have it, I could clearly see that she wasn’t wearing shorts under her skirt. Appropriately, her underpants had the drawing of a bear on them. 

From the cave we had an even better view of the camp and the nearby town. The cave itself isn’t much to see’it’s dirty and the walls are covered with all kinds of graffiti. A group of girls approached me, bokep sma pecah perawan and Gras (the heron) pointed to one particularly graphic drawing and asked, ’What’s that?’

’Ladies,’ I announced, ’that is a penis. Don’t tell me you’ve never seen a penis.’

’I’ve seen my little brother’s,’ admitted Ka (the crow). 

’I’ve seen pictures, but they don’t look like that,’ said Wassum (the eagle). Are they always straight?’

’No, not always,’ I explained. ’They get hard and straight when a man is excited about seeing a pretty girl.’

’Is Otami the reason you have that big bulge in your pants?’ asked Wassum, giggling. I blushed, but I didn’t answer, and we went back down to the camp. 

Supper consisted of hotdogs and potato chips. Each girl cooked her own frankfurter over the fire. Ka and Kalep (the fox) handed me a squeeze-bottle of mayonnaise and asked me to squirt it on the hotdog. Seeing this, Pran-Am asked me to squirt the mayo directly into her mouth. ’I’m going to swallow all of it,’ she commented.

Supper over, Van-tha announced that we should all get our pajamas on, that we’d have the much-awaited fashion show by the campfire in thirty minutes. We were supposed to wear pajamas that represented our life in the scouts, preferably something that made an allusion to our forest names. No scout T-shirts allowed!

I broke this last rule. I didn’t have any money to buy pajamas that had a snake on them; instead, I put on an old T-shirt that I had gotten a few years earlier when my scout Clan climbed Citlaltépetl, which at 5,747 meters, is Mexico’s highest peak. I usually used the T-shirt as a smock when painting, for it was several sizes too big and quite uncomfortable. The short sleeves covered most of my forearms, and the shirt covered my ass, ending about eight inches above the knee. However, it seemed a good choice for the herd fashion show. 

Van-tha (the doe) looked /cute/">cute in Bambi flannel pajamas. Bas-Be had her Winnie the Pooh nightshirt again, and she whispered, ’Do you want to dip inside my honey-pot again?’ Tela, of course, was wearing Spiderman pajamas. There was a large, rather unattractive bulge in her crotch, but I still hardened when I thought about her. Rikki-kiki (the rabbit) had light blue pajamas and carried a stuffed rabbit. Ka’s contribution was Snoopy and his bird friends dressed as scouts. I was pleased to see that several of the girls didn’t have pajamas at all, but had colorful panties and bras, or in some cases, T-shirts. Kalep, for example had white panties with a simple print, but she wore a yellow T-shirt with cherries on it. I whispered, ’False advertising,’ referring to our camping trip a few weeks earlier. Posa (the butterfly) wore white panties trimmed in red and blue. In the center there was a butterfly decorated with stars and stripes like the /american/">american flag. She wore a similar T-shirt.

The /new/new-girl/">new girl, Margarita, didn’t have a forest name yet, but she was wearing a cute panty and bra outfit decorated with yellow-and-white daisies, as her name suggested. The other girls had also done their best to live up to their names. 

Following the fashion show, we sat around the campfire to sing songs. Out of habit, I sat cross-legged, and Ram commented, ’Look at Coa! He’s been hiding all this time, but he’s up and ready for action now!’ I thought some of the girls were going to burn themselves as they nearly fell into the bonfire trying to get a better look. 
Discretion caused me to close my legs, and our singing session went on for about an hour, until Van-tha declared that we all had to go to bed. About thirty minutes later, all the girls were settled in their tents, and Van-tha came over to me. The attractive 30-year old said, ’Your T-shirt brags of the Pico de Orizaba (another name for Citlaltépetl mountain), but it looks more like Popocateptl to me.’ Her meaning was clear: while Citlaltépetl is an extinct volcano, Popo (the smoking giant), the second highest peak in the country, is active. My T-shirt / nightshirt had become stained with an emission of pre-cum. ’I’d like to be your Ixtaccihuatl.’ In a tragic legend, Ixtaccihuatl killed herself when she mistakenly learned that her lover, Popocateptl had been killed in war. To this day, he maintains a fire in the hope that she’ll wake up. 

Van-tha and I went to my tent, which was a good fifty meters from the other tents of our herd. We embraced, and I kissed her passionately. Ceci (for that was her real name) was already wet by the time we had removed our clothes, but we slowly made love. I kissed her firm breasts, and she rolled over so I could kiss her back. I worked my way down her legs, pausing to put my tongue into her ass, and again when I got to the back of her knees. I sucked on each toe individually, and turned her on so that she came on my sleeping bag. I worked my way slowly back up the front and licked her juices.

Now it was Ceci’s turn to please me. She took my cock in her hand and stroked me lightly, slowly. It was torturous, it felt so good, and at last she put my hardened prick into her mouth. Expertly, patiently, she sucked me. Finally, she let me go and I mounted her so as to fuck her.

I slipped inside her juicy pussy easily, and we made love passionately. She had me withdraw and cool down, telling me to eat her out once more. Again I penetrated her, but just before I ejaculated she pushed me away. A third time I penetrated, and our bodies moved in sync with one another. Finally, I could stand it no longer, and I came inside her. Almost at the same time, she reached a second /climax/">climax. Exhausted, I fell on top of her.

Ceci stayed with me for several hours, and we made love twice more that evening before she left for the tent she was sharing with some of the girls. The rest of the activities of the campout were enjoyable, but they could hardly compare to Saturday’s events. 


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