Doctor exams

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Doctor exams

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Ever since I was boy I had a huge crush on my uncles' /friend/girl-friend/">girl friend Diane. She was in medical school while uncle was already a /doctor/">doctor. Diane too eventually became a Doctor. She has a very pretty face and Uncle sometimes even call her Phoebe a reference to my uncle's /fantasy/fantasy-girl/">fantasy girl in his childhood Phoebe Cates with whom Diane had strong resemblance.

Fast forward, they are married, had one /daughter/">daughter and lived in an upper class neighborhood, she was 32 and very very gorgeous. I turned 18 a month before. I told my mom about my problem with my testicle getting swollen and reddish but I vehemently object to seeing a doctor because I suspect my pain is due to over masturbation and I'm too shy to admit that to anyone. My mom is a nurse and wanted to examine me but I refused. She then called my uncle for advise and he said it might just be nothing but nevertheless he told my mom to bring me to their house and maybe he can convince me to submit to testicle examination which he said just takes less than 10 minutes. I immediately refused. But mom was insistent saying I don't have to get examined but I just have to talk to my Doctor uncle and describe to him my pain. Mom told uncle we will be there Saturday morning. But then Mom got held overtime at work and was too tired to drive me.

I was happy to cancel but then she was able to arrange for my older brother to drop me on his way to tennis. I got there very late and uncle was on his way out. But he told me to go inside and talk to Aunt Diane who has just arrived from dropping my little cousin to some kiddy singing school. Aunt Diane answered the door she obviously has just change her clothes, and she was wearing a white t shirt and red shorts, she has no bra underneath her shirt and the outline of her perfect cone shaped boobies and her sharp nipple is protruding on wwwxxx her shirt. We hugged and I could felt her boobies slightly touching my chest. I wished I could prolong the wwwxxx that hugged. She led me to a room that was converted to look like an office clinic with a lot of books. She sat down on a chair and we started talking with the usual how is the family and all that stuff. Then she asked me what it is about my health that I want to tell her. So shyly I describe the pain in my testicle.

She said why didn't I go to my regular doctor but before I could answer she went on telling me that she want to see my testicle so I have to stand up in front of her and drop my pants and underwear. Apparently uncle didn't tell her about my shyness to show my dick. When I didn't budge she told me not to be shy, she had examined testicles many times as an internist. I slowly dropped my pants and my boxers. My dick shrunk in shame but when she reach out to touch my testicle it sprung up in a /bad/">bad /erection/">erection. I was so embarrassed but she went on as if ignoring my erection asking me for pain as she felt my testicles for lumps. She mumbles an apology that she has no available gloves and then she noticed that my skin in my dick is dry. She then touched my dick, I almost cum, she went on to ask if the skin under my dick is itchy sometimes. Then she asked me how often I ejaculate.

I asked her what she meant and she said how often you jerk off. At that point I abandoned my shyness and I told her everything, I wank off 4 times a day. She said that I over masturbated and advise me to stay away from adult magazines. I told her I'm not watching porn I just jerk off by myself in bed with paper towels. She said, that explains some skin irritation or maybe alergies in the skin underneath my dick as she hold my dick up and she took a closer look, her face very near to my dick I almost cum. I can feel some warm fluid coming out from my Dick. She was still holding my dick as she was talking about how should I occupy myself with other activities so I wont over masturbate. But my eyes are fixed on her boobies and the very smooth skin in her thighs and her beautiful face, her lips very tantalizing as she speaks while her hands was still holding my dick as she continue to take a look at a skin irritation.

My body convulsed involuntarily and I shake unable to control my self and then it happened loads of cum spurted and shoots in the air much of it landing on her shoulder and arms. Even when she released her hold of my dick it was still firing several shoots. She was obviously caught by /surprise/">surprise. She stood up didn't say anything and wiped herself with some napkins and she handed me some to wipe my self too. Though I got a good release my dick was still very hard and stiff. Then she looked at me and she apologize for not foreseeing the situation. She said that she normally expected an erection since boys over 9 that she examined had erections not associated with lust but by ticklish sensation, but she had not seen anyone who actually ejaculated during examination. I was having difficulty putting back my pants since my dick is still stiff. She gave me some recommendations about how to avoid over masturbating and she told me that what happens was confidential and she is not going to tell my mom or my uncle or anyone about that. I never told anyone whom I know personally about it.

Until now some years from that incident I'm still wanking off remembering that best ejaculation that I had ever. Even /real/real-sex/">real sex couldn't make me thrill like what happened between me and Aunt Diane that summer day. Whenever we see each other we just acted as if it didn't happened. She is in late 30's now but boy she is still hot and I'm still jerking off on her.