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My husbands friend offered me and my man alot of money if Id do a strip tease for him and even a lot more if I did something "anything" extra, surprisingly my man agreed and told me to change for the occasion. I put on a pair of tiny,  tight black g-sring panties matching bra and 3" high heels. He put on a CD that I could really move to and I began dancing "erotic" his friends (Brendon) eyes were popping out of his head following my every move. I alain lyle porn started bending over for him my ass and crotch in inches from his face teasing by pulling my panties up my snatch and flashing my breast, /pussy/ass-pussy/ass-and-pussy/">ass and pussy.

Finally I removed first my heels then my bra before slowly teasingly taking down my g-string exposing my bare ass and snatch. Oh yeah! Brandon said loudly. Please let me touch your body, feel that /pussy/hot-pussy/hot-wet-pussy/">hot wet pussy!! He asks Zack (my hubby) and gives him $200 dollars wow he says " you must really want her" oh yeah badly Brandon says in a voice that sounded desperate. Zack gives me the go ahead.

I then stuck my ass and /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt in his face just about a half inch from his mouth and nose, I herd him sniff my crotch then I felt his tounge lick my cunt lips and between them,  I gasped it felt so good. I then sat on his lap giving him a real lap dance.

I rocked back-n-forth, up-down and round-round,  I could feel his rock /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock pressing against my wet-honey crotch. I wanted to fuck him as much as he wanted to run up inside me. Finally I got up spun around, knelt down between his legs slowly unbuckled and unzipped his fly,  teasing removed his pants and shirt. I began kissing and licking his chest and stomach before releasing his big thick hard dark black dick.

I tell him I never sucked or fucked a black man. This excited him even more. He yells suck my black dick white slutty /bitch/">bitch. I instantly creamed as I licked up-down his dark shaft slowly tacking his head in my mouth before swallowing as much as possible jerking off what remained. I gave him a great blowjob,  he pulls me up before he cums. I straddled him griped his stiff black prick and slowly sat on it gasping and moaning as he went deeper.

 We then got in rhythm with one another as I bucked grinded and humped that big black cock. I orgasmed again-again before he stiffened completely including his toes and screams oh yeah!! Yes! Fuck me you white slutty bitch!! Fuck me with your tiny, tight, hot-/wet/pussy-wet/wet-white-pussy/">wet white pussy!! With that he ejaculated filling my cunt with his thick, hot, creamy jizm. indian santali xvideo

I quickly hopped off so I could swallow some of his goo. I licked off any cum that remained on that dark hard-on gripping it with my hand stroking it sucking it until he went limp. My husband watched as I fucked and sucked his friend and my first black prick. I noticed Zack had a hard-on so I got on my knees yanked off his jeans and started sucking him off but I was still excited by the whole experience so I threw him down mounted him and rode him like a cow girl in heat. I orgasmed three more times fantasizing about doing the both of them at the same time.

One black,  one white. One 9" one 10" yummy cant wait for the next time he pays for my expertise. Hell be back real soon. He said he couldnt wait. He tried by sorry "not without my mans knowledge"