Helping My New Neighbour Unpack

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Helping My New Neighbour Unpack

Hazel was a mature, single lady whod moved in the previous day and wed become friendly straight away when Id invited her in for coffee while the moving men unloaded the van. As we chatted, Id asked if shed like any help with her furniture and shed gladly accepted my offer. After shed been down at my flat for about an hour, the moving men called to let her know theyd finished moving her stuff in and Hazel went back up to her own flat with them.

I left it a couple of hours to let her settle in then went upstairs her flat and rang her doorbell. When there was no answer I rang again and after a short wait, the door opened and I could see just why shed taken so long to answer my first ring. Shed obviously just taken a shower because all she was wearing was a white toweling bath robe. My heart-rate and another part of my anatomy started to rise as I took in the sight of the glistening beads of water running down over the exposed swell of her upper chest and disappearing between her clearly visible cleavage.

?Oh hello Mike,? she said, ?I wasnt expecting you yet, Ive just got out of the shower. You can come in though, Ill just go and get dressed.? While she went to the bedroom to put some clothes on I waited in the lounge and saw several large boxes, each with there contents written on them. One had kitchen written on it, another read bathroom but the one that caught my attention, was labeled bedroom. It was closed but I could see that something was poking out of it, something that looked very feminine, something red and lacy and I just couldnt resist the temptation to find out what it was. Checking that Hazel was still in the bedroom, I pulled the item out of the box and found it was a pair of red silk panties with a sexy, lace trim and my already half erect cock suddenly turned into a full blown /erection/">erection as I imagined what my new neighbor looked like wearing them.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didnt hear Hazels bedroom door open and the first I knew about it was when I heard her gasp sexxxx video ful hd from the lounge doorway. ?What are you doing Mike?? she said, ?where did you find those?? For a minute or two I was speechless and definitely blushing but eventually I managed a reply. ?Oh Im sorry Hazel,? I replied, shamefacedly, ?they were poking out of the box and I just wondered what they were.?

Hazel just stood there in silence for a moment and I was expecting to get my marching orders but instead she smiled and stepped into the room. ?Well do you like them Mike,? she finally asked, looking down at my groin, ?have they got you hard?? This certainly wasnt the reaction Id been expecting this and was taken aback by her relaxed demeanor. ?Not the sort of thing youd expect a seventy old lady like me to wear, are they?? she laughed. Before I could answer, shed reached out and taken the panties off me. ?Bring the box into the bedroom will you Mike,? she said, as she turned and walked back down the hallway. Once Id put the box down on the bed, Hazel told me to go back to the lounge, which I did, not knowing exactly what was coming next. What did come next was the last thing Id expected!!!

After sitting in the lounge for about five minute, Hazel suddenly re-appeared in the lounge doorway and my eyes flew open. When Id followed her into the bedroom, Hazel had been wearing slacks and a top but now, she was standing there smiling at me in a red, knee length, red silky house robe. I was sitting on the couch lost for words as she walked into the room and stood right in front of me. I just sat there staring at her open mouthed as she untied the belt of the robe and let it fall to the floor. Under the robe she was wearing the panties Id pulled out of the box plus a matching bra and despite her age, she looked amazing and my cock twitched in my pants.

Looking down at me, she smiled. ?If you really want to make me feel welcome Mike,? she said softly, ?I want you to take me back to the bedroom and make love to me.? I just sat there, not believing what this woman who Id know for less than twenty fours hours was asking me to do. It was a no-brainer though, no sane man could turn down an offer like that and I quickly got to my /feet/">feet. ?I thought youd like that,? Hazel said, taking me by the hand and leading me back down the hallway to the bedroom.

Once we were inside the bedroom, Hazel sat on the side of the bed and beckoned me towards her and as I got within her reach, she stretched out her hand and ran it over the now obvious bulge in my pants. ?Mmmm, its a long time since Ive felt anything like that,? she said as she unzipped my pants. Seconds later my throbbing erection was out in the open and Hazel pulled me down onto the bed beside her and seconds after that, my throbbing cock was in her mouth. As I sat there looking down at her head bobbing up and down in my lap I could feel my /climax/">climax rapidly approaching and being the gentleman that I am and not knowing whether Hazel was a swallower or not, I warned her of the fact but instead of the soon blew a load of my young, hot spunk down her slutty old woman throat.

Mmmmm, what would /mom/">mom think of this, Hazel said as she swallowed my load.
Before long, the two newly-found sex partners, were on the bed enjoying themselves, Jon fingering furiously Hazels well-spread, wet, old lady cunt hole.
?Oh Mike look how wet you make me,? Hazel said as she gripped firmly and smacked my young ass.

Jon spat on her already soaking clit and sucked her pussy juice, as Hazels thighs wedged my head between her. Soon Hazel came, brought to climax by her teenage lover and screamed in pleasure as Jons fingers delved ever deeper inside her cunt.

The pair soon got under the bedclothes and Jon prepared to penetrate Hazels senior vagina with my throbbing young member. Both of them had a racing heart-rate and the room was soon enveloped in steamy condensation of hot, wet sex. Sharing passionate wet kisses Jon eventually squeezed my knob inside her soaking twat, giving way to moans and groans of intense pleasure as he fucked the old woman, while milking the nipples of her firm, juicy mammaries. Jon relentlessly shagged the 59 year old, turning her over on top of him, slapping my ball sack against her ass while smacking it hard at the same time.

?Is that okay Hazel?? I whispered, ?Im not hurting you am I?? ?No Mike, it feels nice, I love it. Youre making me feel xxx sex video download free com young again.? Finally, I gripped Hazels hips, pulling her tightly against and she groaned with pleasure as I shot my load deep inside her pussy. The feeling of her inner muscles spasming around my cock as she bathed it with her warm, thick juices, just prolonged my climax and my climax went for longer than it had.

Once wed both finished I left my cock inside her until it softened and slid out of her then moved back up the bed and lay beside her. For the next ten minutes or so, we lay there recovering , two well satisfied senior citizens and I had the feeling that Hazel would need my help around the house a lot more from now on!