My Friday Night

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
My Friday Night
You nearly knock me over as you grab me from behind and launch onto my back. You claw at my clothes and before I can get you off I am shirtless and I can feel your hot, /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples against my skin. You are breathing heavily already and you are dripping wet. I grab you and hold your arms to your sides to carry you upstairs. I throw you on the bed and take off the rest of my clothes. 

From the closet I take a pair of handcuffs and some rope. I tie you up so your ass is splayed out in front of me, and I also have a loop around your throat to choke you ever so gently. First I have to get myself ready so I take the bottle of lube and walk on the bed down to where your head is. I can kneel here with your arms tied to the bed running between my legs. My cock is inches away from your face. I grab your hair and force you to put my dick in your mouth. While my dick hardens in your mouth I take the lube and spread it all over your ass and rub it into your pussy and /asshole/">asshole. You have been preparing for the brutal assault that is about to be unleashed on you, and your asshole is clean as a whistle. 

My fingers squelch as they rub the lube into your cunt; it?s really unnecessary, as you are literally dripping onto the bed. I grab your head and force my rock /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock deep into your throat. You gag, not expecting it, and I laugh. I pull out of your mouth and go back to the closet. You strain to see what I have extracted, but I keep it behind my back so you can?t see. You squirm, needing to be fucked hard. I take the tip of my cock and put it at the entrance to your sopping pussy. It shines and quivers with expectation, freshly shaved and inviting. I slowly push into you, as you moan with relief. I don?t make any move, so you try to wiggle back and forth on my dick. 

Without warning I slip the dildo I have behind my back into you along with my dick and start pumping. You scream as the combined assault wrenches you back and forth. I don?t want you to cum just yet, so I pull out my dick and just leave the dildo in. I slide my cock into your asshole, stretching it tight around my throbbing member. You violently squeeze your ass muscles around my dick as I thrust gently. This drives me wild, and I bring myself just to the edge stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv of losing control. You are thrashing around in the cuffs, desperate for an orgasm. 

I pull out and let my dick calm down a little before the final attack. I take the dildo and jam it as far as it will go into your asshole. Then I take the loop of rope around your neck and tighten it slightly. This causes you to arch your back slightly, making my angle of penetration perfect. I start pounding your pussy, slow at first, but I quickly pick up the pace until I am ramming you with all my strength. 

I tighten the rope a little more, as sweat starts to pour from our bodies. The smack of my balls hitting you is nearly deafening. I can feel my dick slamming over and over into your cervix. Your pussy starts to go wild on my dick as you start to cum. The brutal contractions squeeze my dick and finally I can?t take it anymore and cum deep inside you, shot after shot until I am empty. You keep coming, however, again and again. When your orgasm starts to lose momentum I pull the dildo out from your asshole, triggering another wave of cumming. 

You are screaming in an incoherent wail of intense pleasure, thrusting back against my dick violently. As you come down, still moaning, I untie the ropes and undo the cuffs. I pull you to me, savoring the feel of your body pressed against mine, and we both drift off to sleep, completely spent. Just before I fall off, you whisper into my ear: ?Next friday it?s white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie my turn, you know.?